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Frequently asked questions

  • I don’t know what size I should pick - What do I do?

    It can often be difficult with clothes - What size to choose! However, we only sell brands that are "normal" in size. As a starting point we actually recommend that you choose the size that you normally use! Some of our brands have a size guide that you can follow! If you are in doubt or need an extra hand, do not hesitate to contact us at live chat, mail or phone! We would LOVE to help you! 

    - Remember that we have easy and quick replacement! If you accidentally order a size that doesn’t  fit you, you can easily and quickly get it replaced to the correct size.

  • How fast do I get my order delivered?

    If you order before 4pm in the weekdays, you will in general receive your order the next day. We strive to deliver within 24 hours every weekday - however you should not be surprised if you order Sunday and already receive your order Monday!